• A short summary about myself - Robert Lang

    Startup enthusiast, master of science in economics, sustainable consumption promoter, football fan, golf lover & sales professional


    Sales and marketing enthusiast from Finland currently working for IBM Digital Group in Ireland. I'm a creative team-player and result-driven professional.


    Interests & capabilities:

    Marketing & Sales, Online Advertising, Sustainability, Innovation & Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Project Management, Event Co-ordination.


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  • Work at IBM as a Digital Development Representative

    For more than a century IBM has been dedicated to every client's success and to creating innovations that matter for the world. IBM creates business value for enterprise clients through integrated solutions that leverage innovative IT and deep business insights.

    At IBM my main responsibility is to have deep diving discussions about companies' IT-infrastructure and business needs and pass opportunities to our qualified partners in the Nordics to nurture. The role is heavily focused around modern digital selling.


    You can read more about my past experience on Linkedin.

  • Sustainable consumption research

    M.Sc. in Economics

    Major: International business

    Minor: Economics


    Thesis topic:

    TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT - A comparison of demographic and behavioural characteristics of Finnish and international car sharing users

    Research and learn to improve!


    One of my areas of interest is sustainability & sustainable consumption. In my master's thesis I focused on sustainable transport and researched the area of car sharing. You can find and read the final version of my thesis here.


    A good documentary on the grave sustainability issues facing humanity can be experienced through the following documentary:

    La problema -the film

  • Personal projects

    But of course you need to have your own stuff on the side!

    Hrsk alumnit is a project where we aim to help and mentor students of Helsinki French-Finnish school in their educational and career choices. We organize events, where former students of the institution are invited to reflect on their career choices. The aim of the project is to help students make more informed choices about their future in co-ordination with other mentoring means the school provides.

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  • Curiosity is one of the great secrets of happiness.

    -Bryant H. McGill

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