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    An endlessly curious hard-boiled business development professional, M.Sc. Economics and sport enthusiast


    Innovative, heavyweight in business and channel ecosystem development. Used to negotiating with CXOs. Very passionate and determined. Results-oriented, quick-witted, and a solid team player. Not afraid to throw myself into a challenge or problem needing a solution. Always eager to learn new skills and always ready to evolve. I love to challenge myself over and over again. Endlessly looking for opportunities to hone my skillset. A demanding, but very rewarding teammate.

  • Last position - Partner Executive at Firstbeat Technologies

    Firstbeat operates in 70+ countries and is a leading provider and pioneer of pro-grade physiological data and analytics for wellness and professional team sports.

    Responsibilities included team leadership, go-to-market, business, and channel development & integrating a new well-being technology service, Firstbeat Life, into the core processes (i.e. voluntary health checks) and service offerings of the biggest occupational healthcare providers in Finland.


    You can read more about my past experience on Linkedin and here is a link to my CV.
  • Master's thesis about sustainable development

    M.Sc. in Economics

    Major: International Business

    Minor: Economics


    Thesis topic:

    TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT - A comparison of demographic and behavioral characteristics of Finnish and international car-sharing users

    Research and learn to improve!

    One of my areas of interest is sustainability & sustainable consumption. In my master's thesis, I focused on sustainable transport and researched the area of car sharing. You can find and read the final version of my thesis here.

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  • Personal projects

    Because everyone should learn new things and be passionate about something!

    Fake it - til you make it!

    Hrsk Alumnit is a project where we aim to help and mentor students of Helsinki French-Finnish school (my high school) in their educational and career choices. The aim of the project is to help students make more informed and internally motivated choices about their future in coordination with other mentoring means the school provides.

    Road to wonderland (Finnish)

    Lankisen Taikapaja is a platform for my freelance projects in sales and marketing consultancy.

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